Chinese Slang (part 1)
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Kids and languages; let’s play!

Some weeks ago I noticed that some of my students have reached a good level of Chinese, both in comprehension and in speaking skills, so I decided to skip our traditional lessons, and introduce them to some funny CHINESE SLANG 🙂

I have to admit that we had lot of fun, and I bet they’re still laughing about two or more things they learnt, eheh…

Infact most of the students are not aware of slang (not only in Chinese, but for other languages as well) until they will be in China and they will have their Chinese friends around, or they will having dinner with their Chinese host families for the first time, so I thought it was a different way to learn something in Chinese that could always be useful to understand culture as well!

Let me give you some examples now;

– We all know how to ask “what’s up”, I am sure. Most of you now will think about “怎么样?” (zěn me yàng?), I am sure; have you ever tried with “干啥?” (gàn shá?)? But be careful; this can be rude and more similar to “WTF?”, so I am sure you know how to use it 😉

– And when you will be with your Chinese friends, I am sure you want to introduce yourself as “我叫Chiara,我是意大利人” (My name is Chiara, I come from Italy), but you can make it more confidential and coll saying “我叫Chiara,我来自意大利”…it sounds cooler!

It won’t pass a lot of time before one them will try to become more “intimate” with you, so you will hear “今晚我陪你快活,好吗?” (I’ll join you for the night, ok?) or “有时间来我家玩儿!” (when you have time, come kick it at my place!). And that’s how you both will become closer.

– But now let’s start the party! You and your “哥们儿” (bro) can’t wait to party hard and having fun. So…”咱们泡吧!” (let’s hit the clubs and discos!), because tonight “不醉不归!” (we won’t go home til we are drunk!). Or, in other words, “咱们通宵狂欢吧!” (Let’s party hard till dawn!).

– And now I am sure you want to pick up guys / hotties! In this case, it time to “钓帅哥” (if you are interested in guys) or “泡妞” (if you are looking for girls). And if tonight you are unlucky, don’t worry, you can always say “去他妈,咱们去疯吧!” (Fuck it, let’s party hard!).

Want to know more slang words? Do you know other slang sentences that I didn’t mention? Let me know about it!


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